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Thursday, 23 July 2009
I'm going HK tmr!!!
I'm going HK tmr!!!
Wish I could put in more enthusiasm, but I just recovered from a high fever of 39 degrees. I'll update you all on my life in bed for the past 4 days when I've fully recovered. I'm still feeling quite weak, think it's all the medicine?

I'll be away for 5days, will be back next Tuesday. Til then, au revoir! ^_~
wany ♥ 7:29 pm
Tuesday, 14 July 2009
Half Blood Prince Goldclass
I'm watching Half Blood Prince this Fri with Jasmine! We're going Goldclass again!
Are we being spendthrifts?!?!? But I really love to roll around in the plush armchairs wor~~~

Here are some posters for HBP I found online:

Looks more like a teen romance movie to me...

2nd in lead Ron Weasley looks so imposing~~~

So why does the male lead look so puny??!?!

Tsk tsk...I never thought this was possible except for Spider Man, but the Harry Potter boy looks uglier with each movie!!! EWWWW~~~
He sure didn't grow up gracefully, if you ask me. He's gonna end up like that Home Alone kid!
wany ♥ 9:49 pm
Friday, 10 July 2009
My 1st birthday pressie for 2009
I got my 1st birthday pressie for this yr today!!!

Behold: moi new pink headphones!
This was given by Karen, Joanne & Darralyn from work. They give me 1wk earlier cos they think I can't wait til my actual day. ^_~

Lovely pink headphones I've now, I can finally get rid of my current headphones which are peeling off terribly!

hehe! A BIG thank you to Karen, Joanne & Darralyn!!! ^___^
wany ♥ 9:21 pm
Thursday, 9 July 2009
Okie, this might sound abit crazy...but...I'm going HK again end of this mth!!!

I know I know, I just went there in Jan. But it's just too tempting!!! Now HK prices seriously cheap! Langham Place for a 3D2N only $468!!! That's a 5-star hotel we're talking about, it normally costs at least $628 during low peaks.

I'll be going with Jasmine and Mummy this time round. Have booked the Trio Place room in Langham Place, so it should be bigger than the room I stayed in previously.

I'll post more on this HK trip later, cos I'm HUNGRY now! I need dinner~~~
wany ♥ 9:11 pm
Saturday, 4 July 2009
Transformers is GOOD!!!
Watched Transformers @ Gold Class tdy with Jasmine. Transformers is GOOD lor, why the hell did all those reviews bashed it so severely?!?!

My feeling is that all these reviewers + people who say Transformers is lousy are one of those arty-farty types, who turn their noses up at this kinda "popcorn movie". Movies with lotsa action and eye candy (ala Megan Fox) but not much plot. So what's so wrong with liking these "popcorn movies"??!?! They can be very enjoyable and probably bring more joy to me, than say, one of those art house films with little dialogue and I still don't know what the heck's going on when the curtains fall!

So I say, STOP being so pretentious and bash Transformers just bcos some "attas" people say the plot is filmsy bah bah bah.

I LOVE Transformers and I stand by my belief! The machines are COOL, all sleek and shiny! I think the film makers have done a great job! Hey, Transformers used to be some action toy for kids! They actually manage to spin it into a convincing story, w/o making the whole movie seem too cheesy. Not an easy job, I tell ya! Power Rangers, anyone? *cringes*

I wish Optimus Prime's pic was bigger though...
wany ♥ 12:22 am
Wednesday, 1 July 2009
h1n1 piggy~~~

hehe! Isn't e pic above adorable? 姐姐 sent it to me ytd.

I'm currently on the Barn Buddy game on Facebook! This is all thanks to Jasmine! She invited me to play last wk and now, I'm hooked!

I check on my farm every day to tend to my crops. I even count down to when my crops are ready for harvest.

OMG! I'm officially a Barn Buddy addict!!! ^_~

Anyway, am eagerly anticipating Transformers on Fri! Jasmine, do I need to dress up like Transformers on Fri??? ^^;;;
wany ♥ 11:21 pm
Tuesday, 30 June 2009
Finally got Transformers tix!!!
After repeatedly going to GV's site these past few days, I finally managed to get Transformers Goldclass tix for this Fri! So stressful can? I checked GV's site EVERYDAY for the timings. ^_~

Actually, Jasmine & I were planning on watching on Thur evening (cos it's cheaper by $8 per tix), but shows were SOLD OUT! Damn! I was too slow! >.<

I seriously didn't expect Transfomers to be THAT popular lor. Goldclass also sold out so fast!
Heard from Jasmine everyone got their GST credits liao. So is that why the tix are sold out so soon? Cos people will now spend it on Goldclass which normally they will not do so w/o the GST credits.

For my friends, it seems that only Jasmine is willing to spend $30+++ for Goldclass. Whenever I tell people I wanna watch Goldclass, they either say: "Wah, you so rich ah! Spend so much for movie! Not worth it lah!" OR "Got FREE FLOW popcorn + drinks izzit?" *rolls eyes at last comment* <-- This is typical Singaporean behaviour, no freebies they think not worth it liao.

Imagine lying on huge plush armchairs to watch your movie, with a blanket tucked snugly around you, people serving you at your seats (you no longer have to balance your food while walking from the candy bar to your cinema!) . Ahhhh~~~this is the life!

Goldclass is like the movie equivalent of airlines' Business/First class. I think you MUST experience it at least once! So I feel it's a luxury worth splurging on occasionally.

So now, who wants to join our Goldclass club? ^_~

wany ♥ 9:51 pm
Monday, 29 June 2009
new baby girl cousin!
I got a new baby girl cousin! She came into this world on 25 June 2009.
Will update with her pics as soon as I visit the new baby!

I love, love baby girls! They've endless possibilities of clothes, unlike boys. ^_~
wany ♥ 10:45 pm
Tuesday, 23 June 2009
Day 2 of my Treasury course tdy. Wah...it feels GOOD to go home so early, the trainer let us off ytd and tdy @ 5pm. Damn shiok lah! Hopefully, tmr also the same!

Going back to work on Thur liao...man, my email sure choke full one! Urgh...I hate to clear all those email after coming back from leave.

Jasmine and I were planning to watch Transformers Gold Class this wk, but ALL shows sold out liao! Can you believe it!?!?!? Advance tix sales for Transformers seem to be BOOMING!!!

Recession, what recession?!?! BAH! >__<
I still see restuarants, cinemas, shopping centres, KTVs etc packed full of people lor!
Or as Jason once said, it's only a recession if you see in the news that there are people committing suicide every other day.

But I beg to differ. Cos I believe ST covers up suicide cases in the news. Conspiracy theory at work I guess. ^_~

Joanne from work gave me 2 new games last week, I'm going to load into my DS and try it out now!
wany ♥ 8:56 pm
Thursday, 18 June 2009
HK...ice-cream...el cheapo
There are 2 new hotels popping up in HK this yr that I would love to stay in: Hyatt Regency and Crowne Plaza. New hotels always get opening specials when they are newly opened, so they'll be slightly cheaper than usual. It's a gd time to stay if you wanna experience 5-star hotels w/o paying the full price.

CX got offer now for Novotel: pay 3 nights and stay for 4 nights! So tempting right? Sigh...
Anyone wanna travel with me? At this point, I'll even take a 5 days trip instead of my usual 7 days.

Someone once asked, don't you even get sick of going to HK yet again?
I say NOOOOO! I love, love HK!
There's always sth new to explore, not like in Sg where the shops remain the same for yrs. In HK, you see this shop this yr, next yr it'll probably be replaced by sth else. They change rather rapidly.

Thank goodness tmr is Fri, another work wk gone! There's 1 of those staff bazaar in office tmr, so Goodwoood is coming as usual to dig gold from us.

I asked 姐姐 just now if she wanted her favourite durian cake/puffs but surprisingly, she said NO! She's been on a ice-cream kick lately, or more specifically, homemade ice-cream from Ice-cream Gallery. She's been buying 2 tubs every wk since the June hols started.

But I must admit, Ice-cream Gallery's ice-cream are excellent. My favourites are Strawberry Champagne and Sea Salt Caramel Macadamia. They are HEAVENLY ^_^
According to my family, rum and raisin is gd as well but I've never liked this flavour, so I didn't try it. You'll have to take their words for it.

Talking about ice-cream, last Sat, 4 of us (me, 姐姐, Mummy and Aunt) went down to Eastwood's Ice-cream Gallery. I think Jasmine used to work part-time at the Cold Storage there?
The shop is very, very, very small: only 2 tiny tables inside for 4pax. While scarfing down our yummy ice-cream, this annoying lady came in. Let me try to recreate her conversation as best I can remember here:

Lady: Can let me try this lychee ice-cream 1st?
Staff: Sure. (and proceeds to let her sample)
Lady: Ooooh, can I try this other flavour also?
: Sure. (and proceeds to let her sample)
: Oh! Let me try this flavour also!
: Sure. (and proceeds to let her sample)

And on and on it goes. Until the lady has finished sampling all flavours available there.

Lady: Does your Strawberry Champagne have alcohol in it?
Staff (with a straight face): Yes madam, it does.

Isn't champagne made from wine?!?!? This is like, DUH!
Why is she asking such a dumb dumb qns?!?!

Ugh...this woman I just hear her voice also sianz already. She talks in this yaya papaya manner (like those snotty sales in LV/Prada/Gucci) and I think she's one of those act banana type. You know, pretend they can't speak/understand Chinese when they obviously can.

I admit, there are some REAL bananas out there who are hopeless in Chinese but I don't think this el cheapo ice-cream lady is lor. She even knows what is mao shan wang durian and asked for it. Which the shop don't serve btw, they only have D24.

Hello! Please don't be so el cheapo and disgraceful can! This is the type of Singaporeans I always avoid when I see them overseas.

Btw, el cheapo bought 1 tub in the end.

wany ♥ 10:05 pm
Wednesday, 17 June 2009
A return once more, but how long will it last?
I'm back to writing on my blog once more, but I know what you all are thinking: How long before she disappears again?

I admit I've been patchy with my blog updates but as you know, my 阿公 passed away in April. Since then, I wasn't really in the mood to update.

I wasn't really expecting 阿公 to go so soon. Cos even though he's been in and out of hospital this past few yrs, I thought he could hang in there longer. Or maybe it's denial? You don't want to see someone whom you grow up with leave you. You want them to be at your side as long as possible, if not forever.

Anyhow, I'll try my best to update my blog more often from today. ^_^
wany ♥ 10:39 pm
Hong Kong - 22 Jan 2009 [Day 7]
9am to 2pm - 花園街 & Kowloon station
Last day in HK!!! Shopped around 花園街 abit then back to hotel to pack the stuff I got at 花園街 (afew bags and shoes).

Checked out of hotel, headed straight to Airport Express Kowloon station. HK has this really cool service at their Airport Express stations where you can check-in there, up to 24hrs! So now you don't have to lug your luggage yourself all the way to the airport! Please note that this service is ONLY FOR major airlines. So if you're taking those budget airlines like Jetstar, please continue to drag your own luggage to the airport.

Anyway, I might be overzealous in the fact that I checked in too early, when my flight's at 8pm. We were so early, they didn't have the departure gate ready yet on our boarding pass! Oops...^^;;;

2pm to 7pm - Harbour City
After dumping off the luggage, we took the free airport shuttle to Harbour City. Our last chance at shopping!!!

I finally caved in and got the agnes b bag I was eyeing afew days back. My last purchase in HK!

Went to the Maxim bakery to get the foods Aunt wanted: carrot cake, coconut cake, nian guo.
They are very HEEEAAAVVVY, I think I broke an arm carrying the foods all way back to Sg.

8pm to 12am - HK & Sg
Finally reached Sg at close to 12am! Home sweet home~~~ Tired out from all the rushing today. K/O when I reached home, I miss my bed! Ahhhhh, the familar smell of my bolster~~~

wany ♥ 9:49 pm
Hong Kong - 21 Jan 2009 [Day 6]
10am to 10pm - Wanchai & Causeway Bay
Spent the whole day in HK island today.
Went to Wanchai market in the morning. This is one of my favourite places to go in HK. Wanchai market sells more than just groceries. It's kinda like Sg's pasar malam where they sell toys, cute character goods, shoes, bags, clothes etc etc.

I bought some cookies and stuff here for my colleagues, only HKD10 (SGD2) per 500g packet! AN the cookies are GOOD: long after we came back to Sg, the cookies are still very crispy!

After Wanchai, we walked around the Causeway Bay area: Sogo, Times Sq blah blah. Oh yeah, we went over to Victoria Park for their CNY fair, similar to the one we have in Chinatown during CNY. But the fair is the size of afew football fields with all the stores gathered together. So it can get pretty tiring to shop around.

Luckily, not very crowded, cos the fair just started that day. If you go on CNY eve, you've to QUEUE to get in. And when you finally get in, you've to SQUEEZE, SQUEEZE, SQUEEZE with the HUUUGGGEEE crowd (hint: nose to nose with people) and then, QUEUE to GET OUT of the fair. I did that 1 yr with Mummy, 姐姐 and Aunt. All I can say is, I'm in no hurry to experience that again.

I do think the air in HK island is worse than Kowloon. Cos I started coughing like hell when I was there. But once I went back to our hotel in Kowloon, I was alright again. Odd...
wany ♥ 9:32 pm
Hong Kong - 20 Jan 2009 [Day 5]
11am to 5pm - Jordan
Can't you believe it??!!? We were at Jordan area for hours today! We walked to the 海味 shop recommmended by 姐姐.

Man, the place was madness! Lots and lots of HK-ers inside, all buying 海味 for CNY I think. Mind you, they buy the expensive stuff: abalone, scallops, mushrooms, oysters etc. I think alot of them buy these 海味 as gifts, cos there's gift wrapping services.

I sure wouldn't mind having these people as my guests for CNY, as least they know how to give pressies! *wink wink* Not like those measly mandarins we get, no, in fact, exchange for. Since the visitors always take back the same no of mandarins they gave us. And I hate hate those who give those small, dried-up and ugly mandarins and then choose the nicest ones from our tray! BAH!

6pm to 11pm - Queens Rd Central
After loading off the 海味 bags, we crossed the sea over to Central. Went to the H&M store there. Got 姐姐's clothes there, she has a WHOLE LIST of items for me to buy for her! What am I now, her personal shopper?

H&M seems subdued somehow. What a vast difference from when I first visited it in 2007. Then, H&M was CROWDED, CROWDED, CROWDED! Now, it's much, much quieter. I think less than 50 shoppers were inside and it's a 3 storey building.

Maybe bcos there's more H&M outlets in HK now? Back then, there was just ONE and it was newly opened. Now, I think there are like 4 to 5 outlets liao and counting...1 is due to be open opposite Harbour City.

After H&M closed, we walked to Lan Kwai Fong (LKF). To get to LKF, you need to walk up, up, up these slopes. Not even drinking yet, but we're already dizzy. I wonder how do drunks walk down those slopes? Won't they just roll down the slopes? hehehe...=P I guess that's what all those taxis around the area were for, so the drunks won't roll down?

Anyway, Mummy and I just wanted a feel of LKF. So we walked around abit, look see look see. Got some supper at this 翠華茶餐廳 nearby later, which is like a chain of 茶餐廳 in HK. Food not bad, but the individual portions abit too much for one pax. This seems to be the case in HK, their portions are quite huge but all these skinny HK-ers can finish it all, AND yet be so skinny.
I want their genes!
wany ♥ 9:16 pm
Hong Kong - 19 Jan 2009 [Day 4]
12noon to 9pm - Disneyland
We went Disneyland today, my 2nd visit and Mummy's 1st. I warned her beforehand about the place but she insisted she wanted to see, so there we went.

Verdict: She was largely disappointed! Well, I hate to say "I told you so!" to her but that was the truth. Tokyo Disneyland which we went together in 2004 was much better in terms of the visitors alone. HK one is full of MIC who don't queue, talk loudly and just plain unrefined! Not to be snobbish, but at least the Japanese will never cut your queue!

Anyway, there won't be any photos cos I'm typing this post from my desktop whereas the HK photos are all in my laptop.
So I'll think I'll just upload all the HK photos onto Facebook when I next use my laptop.
wany ♥ 9:09 pm
Tuesday, 7 April 2009
Bye bye 阿公
My 阿公 passed away early this morning.
So I'll be absent this week, I'll continue on my HK posts when I get back.
Farewell for now, my friends!
And for 阿公, bye bye!
wany ♥ 10:59 pm
Sunday, 5 April 2009
Hong Kong - 18 Jan 2009 [Day 3]
11am to 4pm - 花園街
Went to 花園街 today. It's a street market in Mongkok, abt 10min walk from my hotel. I find it a better place to shop than 女人街, which is a tourist trap. You can get the same items at both markets but 花園街 is cheaper, more locals go there to shop also.

Bought some Hello Kitty stuff for Jasmine @ 花園街. They sell really cute CNY decorations in HK! On top of the cow theme decors, they also have Hello Kitty, Sesame St, Snoopy, Little Twin Stars etc. Much more varieties! I bought a hanging McDull too!

Ooooh~~~I bought my mousy shoes here too (see pic on my Facebook)! I actually saw a girl wearing it on my 1st night but didn't manage to find it at any of the shoes stores. Found it here @ 花園街! Damn cheap also, only HKD 65 (SGD 13)!!! Soooo cute lor! I think they should make a 12 zodiac series! I'll buy all except for Tiger, cos not good to step on yourself mah! Hehe...

5pm to 11pm - Tsim Sha Tsui
In the evening, we went to TST. Bought some clothes @ Uniqlo in Miramar shopping centre. Got 1 jacket for Jason as requested by him. Uniqlo was really crowded! I think cos their clothes are affordable? I'm predicting the same no of crowds when Uniqlo opens in Tampines One next wk!

I went to the Vivienne Westwood shop. They had the wallet I wanted but sadly, no discount! >.< Alot of ranges were on offer except mine. Booboo...it's always like this one. The item you like is never on sale!
Bought the wallet in the end cos I'm getting quite sick of my Kate Spade. Brand's getting abit too common now.

Then I went to the agnes b shop and this turquoise bag caught my eye. But agnes b had NO sale so all I could do was drool over the bag...

There's Sogo in TST now but I think I prefer the Causeway Bay store. Though it's older, at least they had stuff that were more suited for my price range. Plus, the event hall is also having some bazaar sale. =)
The TST Sogo appears to be more upmarket, mostly consisting of branded goods.
Anyway, TST Sogo was deserted, very little customers. I wonder why? Everyone rather go to HK island to shop maybe?

Mummy and I originally planned to go Harbour City after Sogo but our feet were sore after a day's walking; the streets in HK are uneven and rather bumpy. So we went back to rest to continue again the next day.
wany ♥ 9:59 pm
Tuesday, 24 March 2009
Hong Kong - 17 Jan 2009 [Day 2]
11am to 8pm - Citygate Outlet
Went to Citygate Outlet @ Tung Chung today. It's this HUGE outlet mall. Quite far from Kowloon cos it's on Lantau Island, quite near HKIA. There's a Novotel hotel connected to the mall.

I've been to Citygate previously in 2007 but it was newly opened then. Thus not that many shops were ready. Now it's fully opened!!!

Citygate Outlet @ Tung Chung

But I think my 八字 not compatible with Citygate. I didn't manage to buy a single thing in 2007 and this time as well!!! >_<
Spent half a day there didn't even manage to get anything!!! Booooooooo~~~~~
I'm debating on whether I should boycott Citygate from now on or give it another chance?

8pm to 11pm - Langham Place Shopping Centre
Went back to Langham Place for dinner and abit of walking around. I was still kinda sulky over Citygate so went back to hotel early.
Anyway, here's a pic of my hotel room.
Sorry the room's kinda messy. hehe...
I can't seem to upload the other room pics so maybe I'll upload onto Facebook.

Got DVD player so can watch movies in room!

wany ♥ 11:42 pm
Hong Kong - 16 Jan 2009 [Day 1]
Okies, I know it's been quite awhile since my last post. But I had to choose a new skin cos the previous one's images disappeared.
So, I finally changed to a new skin. Here's my post on my HK trip in Jan. Better late than never, I say. hehe...

8am to 12noon - Changi Airport T1, HKIA
Took CX710 @ 8am, reached HK around 11plus. Took the Airport Express Line [AEL] straight to Kowloon in less than 30mins. I think it's much faster to use the AEL compared to taking coaches. Cos coaches make you wait til they get a certain no of passengers before they'll depart. It could take you 1hr to reach your hotel! So, I highly recommend AEL. Plus, they've free shuttles to alot of hotels from Kowloon and HK station. hehe...

1pm to 6pm - Langham Place / Shopping Centre
Checked into my hotel, Langham Place. Mummy and I went for lunch @ 粵江春, located at Langham shopping centre next to our hotel. Walked around abit before we returned to our room with dessert from 滿記 (their dessert is to die for! =D). After dessert, both of us k/o! No choice, too tired liao, didn't sleep much the night before due to packing our luggages.

7pm to 12am - 女人街
Woke up around 7pm and we went opposite to 女人街 that area for dinner. Had steamboat and it's quite interesting. Each diner gets their own mini steamboat and the fire amazingly never dies out, even though we were there for at least 45mins! I wonder what they used?

After dinner, shopped around til 12plus before Mummy and I called it a day. Didn't get much today, just some DVDs. Ooooh yes, I found Emma DVD! Selling at only HKD80 (SGD16)! Much cheaper than HMV's SGD30++ Booooos to HMV~~~ >_<

Langham Place Ground Lobby - statue is carrying angbao!

Dragon on ceiling of ground lobby - they took 3days to hang this dragon up!

Check-in Lobby @ L2 - Huge willow tree

Statue near the lifts
wany ♥ 10:36 pm
Thursday, 12 February 2009
To: Jasmine
If I'm up to it this weekend, I think I'll post on my HK trip.
Beware though, I don't have THAT MANY photos cos I didn't take a whole lot of pics.
Maybe I'm getting too jaded cos I've been to HK so many times liao.

Anyway, I haven't been posting cos I've been busy the past few nights, helping to burn dvds for my boss.

But I don't mind helping her out cos she's super nice! =) Got me chocolates from Toronto when she went there for hols during Xmas + gave me a $10 angbao during CNY.

$10 can!?!?! Which is more than twice of what some of my so-called relatives give me. I once had this miserly cousin who gave out $2!!! What a scrooge!
wany ♥ 8:26 pm
Monday, 2 February 2009
Uncle J's crime no. 1
It's gonna be busy busy busy at work for me this week. Cos another team got a team member down with chicken pox and I shall need to help them out this week til the colleague gets back next week.

Please pray that I don't go bonkers before the week is up. ^_~

Anyway, someone gave me afew new games for my NDS so now I won't have to resort to replaying Phoenix Wright 1 to 3. Hehe!

Ooooh! I just saw on tv they're showing 封神榜 on ch48 again! It's one of my favourite tv dramas of all time! But the timing's kinda late: 12am, Mon to Fri. I shall have to stay up late every night for 1 mth++ to catch the show!

To Jasmine: You should help me "suan" tt uncle of mine! I don't even want to talk to him anymore liao! >_<

Maybe I'm badmouthing this lousy uncle of mine but he already did alot of unforgiveable stuff before this yr's latest incident, so my tolerance for him is about used up already.

Crime No. 1:
Mummy has another younger brother whom I should name Uncle Black Sheep since he's the unofficial black sheep of the family.

Many years ago, before he escaped to Japan (looooong story)
, he was an insurance agent and my father bought a life policy from him.

So fast forward many years to sometime in 2000, Papa wanted to cancel the policy and it was then he found out from the insurance company that his policy had this clause attached: Whether to claim insurance payout or cancel the policy, he had to get Uncle Black Sheep's signature.

And here's the killer: the clause also stated that if we were to claim insurance payout (in the event that my father passed away), the policy had stated both
Uncle Black Sheep and Uncle J as the trustees.

If Papa had died, both of them WOULD BE ENTRUSTED WITH THE INSURANCE PAYOUT before passing the money to Mummy (the beneficiary).

Papa was stunned since he had never entrusted the both of them to be his trustees. Mummy asked Uncle J about this matter later and he claim to have NO knowledge of it. AS IF!!!

To be a trustee, you obviously would have to sign some document. Wouldn't that f@#%@#$ Uncle J know whether he himself had signed the document?

Please don't tell me Uncle Black Sheep forged his signature. He could very well just make himself the only trustee for Papa's policy and take all of the money himself if Papa died and then run away (he's had plenty of experience anyway).

So obviously both of them 狼狽為奸 to cheat Mummy of her payout (if Papa died). What sort of assholes does that to their own sister anyway?!?!

Lucky for us, my Papa has a blessed life. He managed to cancel his policy later when he got Uncle Black Sheep to sign by giving him some money. Then Uncle Black Sheep ran off to KL or somewhere.

Good thing the policy was cancelled before Uncle Black Sheep left. Else, Papa'll be stuck with that policy til now and that f@#%#$Y$%&(% Uncle J would benefit from Papa's death in the future.

Here's to longevity to my Papa!!! ^_^

Uncle J still claims he knw nothing of the arrangement to this day and pushs all the blame to Uncle Black Sheep. Uncle Black Sheep is now at god knows where and cannot rebuke his so-called innocence anyway.


I shall continue on his other "crimes" if I'm up to ranting out again.
wany ♥ 9:49 pm
Saturday, 31 January 2009
Uncle J's CNY curse
Not a very good day today, since I'm down with a cold. I'm sneezing my nose off! ACHOO! ACHOO! ACHOO!

Since I'm obviously not in the mood today, I'll post about my HK trip another day. But let me get this matter off my chest 1st.

I LOVE CNY. It's a holiday where you can pig out, watch lotsa tv and collect $$ at the same time. When can you get such a chance to do all that?

But this year, someone pissed me off on 年初一, which kinda spoilt my lovely mood.

We were all at Mummy's youngest brother, my Uncle G's home. And getting ready to lo hei when Mummy's other brother, Uncle J, poked me in the arm and said to me: "You got fired and cannot work in the bank anymore ah!"

Please note that he did not mean it as a question at all. He said it out LOUD and with a HUGE grin on his face, no less.

So obviously he was 幸災樂禍-ing. BLOODY HELL! Just bcos I went on 2weeks leave does not mean that I'm out of a job. I can take leave at my job and go on holiday, unlike his "precious 2nd daughter". So he's jealous, izzit?!?! Cursing me on the 1st day of CNY!!!

What's his fucking problem!??!?! There were many things I could have retorted back to him, but I gave Mummy "face" so I never 開戰 with him.


This is a sensitive period, given the gloomy times, as you all might know. Who would feel pleased at this kinda statement? On CNY, no less.


I think I need to go 打小人!
wany ♥ 9:36 pm
Thursday, 15 January 2009
I'm going HK tomorrow morning!!!
Lalala~~~I'm FINALLY going to HK tomorrow morning!!! In 12hours time I'll be in HK: shopping, eating, shopping, eating, shoping, eating yet again! =D

I'm so gonna put on weight again when I get back...but let me enjoy my trip 1st! Wahaha~~~Dunno if I'll be able to blog while I'm in HK, so this might be my last post til I get back next Thursday!

It's almost 12am & I haven't finish packing me luggage! I need to finish my packing & get moi beauty sleep so I can wake up early tomorrow morning! So, don't miss me too much, people! Take good care! Byeb~~~
wany ♥ 11:36 pm
Tuesday, 13 January 2009
Thanks my gals for e support!
To Jasmine & Tabby: Thanks gals for your support!!! I'll try to maintain my blog! =D You're the only people whom I wanna read your blogs, you see. Others not so important...haha!

Nothing much to blog today, I'm just counting down to my Hong Kong trip!!! Now officially 3 DAYS MORE, since it's already Tuesday morning now.
Don't worry, all my fave people will get pressies from me when I get back. *wink* *wink* I shall not bother about those suckers who only come when they want you to buy them back sth from overseas. BAH!!!
Anyway, more later, I wanna pack my luggage NOW!!!
wany ♥ 12:55 am
Sunday, 11 January 2009
New look!!!
Lalala~~~I'm FINALLY back to my blog! I think it's been more a year since I last updated, the last posts you see in Feb & March 2008 don't really count, since they were done by my "ghost writer". Wahahaha~~~
Anyway, my resolution is to update my blog more often from now on, as requested by "a special friend". So moi dear, don't worry! I'll try to post more from now! It's all for you, since you're probably the only one who reads me blog anyway. =P
I'm trying out this new skin, dunno if it works well, else I'll change again soon.
Yawnz~~~it's already 3am!!! I'm heading off to bed now!
Til more next time~~~
wany ♥ 2:59 am
Monday, 31 March 2008
Heroic Rendevous!~~
31/0Went to Suntec for the 2nd store opening with Jasmine

So many many displays of Dollies! Both of us went mad! hahaha.

Cute cute!

But sadly the dolls are not for sale =(

Look at all the merchandize!
Well, when we really stepped into the store (the exhibition was downstairs) after having a hard time finding it, both of us were damn disappointed cos... the shop is so big but there's nothing to buy! And everything inside were out stock! From past season! There's a bag that was sold in HongKong 3 years ago lah!
Rather go Hong Kong and buy. tra la laaaa..
wany ♥ 8:45 am
Thursday, 14 February 2008
St Valentine didn't die for love!


**This post is written by Jasmine, cos even though she hates Valentine's Day, secretly she wants to receive overpriced flowers and chocolates cos she's evil and she wants to spend all the men's money and make them kneel in helplessness at her feet. LOL!
wany ♥ 5:20 pm
Saturday, 6 October 2007
New Blythe blog skin!!!
New blog skin!!!

Isn't my new Blythe blog skin lovely? Wahaha~~~I did it all by myself this time k? ^_~

Actually, Jasmine had changed to a strawberry one for me yesterday but I found the space kinda small so I found this Blythe skin! But thanks anyway, my dear girl! Really appreciate ur effort!

She has been my guest blogger for the past 2 entries cos apparently I've been too lazy to post nowadays. Notice the last 2 posts were full of praises for her? *wink* *wink* ^_~

But she's still e best friend I could ever have, so that's why we're going Bangkok together in 2 weeks time! Celebrating her 21st birthday overseas! Woohoo~~~

She wanted to go alone initially but I told her I'll accompany her cos I'm such a sweet friend...hehehe!

Anyway, we're going to have lotsa fun shopping, pigging out and just being crazy! We shall scare them in Bangkok! Watch out, people! haha! ^___^
Someone already started packing her luggage already, when we're only leaving on e 20th! *hint* *hint*
wany ♥ 9:05 pm
Wednesday, 3 October 2007
Bangkok Holiday!!
I'm going on a holiday trip with Jasmine soon!

From 20th to 23th October!!!

I'm sooo excited!

We're going to stay at Bangkok Pratunam Princess Hotel!
It's a 4* hotel and it's so classy and nice! There'll be a giant
swimming pool, outdoor jaccuzi.. spa treatments.. COOL!

And we'll be flying SQ!

This trip is gonna be much more fun than my previous trip
to Hongkong with those bunch of @($#)(@#$...... Reasons:
  1. I'll be travelling with Jasmine. Known for her craziness!
  2. I've never been to Thailand before.. My first time!
  3. It's Jasmine's 21st on 21st October.. FUN FUN FUN!
  4. NO MORE ELCHEAPO holiday travel mates. Good hotel & flight!
  5. We'll cover soo many shopping centres, it'll be madness!
  6. Heard there are cheap & good quality bras for sale! YAY!

And soooooooo many many more!


wany ♥ 11:32 pm
Saturday, 1 September 2007
Jasmine is Evil but i Love Her.
Jasmine is Evil
She keeps bringing me out for food. Good, sinful, rich, expensive food.
She's making me spend money to fatten myself up.

I need help!
I think it's a ploy so she can look slimmer beside me...

But i still love her cos she's the cutest, sweetest, smartest, wittiest, (insert own adjectives) friend in the whole wide world!

P.S// This post is written by Jasmine and may not be a true interpretation of the author's real thoughts and feelings.
wany ♥ 4:04 am
Thursday, 23 August 2007
OT at work! Sianz...
Jasmine, if you're reading this, this weekend wanna watch License to Wed? Fri or sat we watching? Decide soon & drop me a msg, k? I wanna get tix earlier!
I'm back again!
Yesterday Jasmine & I posted at almost the same time in my blog. Read the post below, it's by her! Kinda obvious actually, since she praised herself so much in the post! Wahahahaha~~~
Coincidence we posted at the same time or plain we can read each other's minds? Hmm...
Anyway, I'm blogging from work now. I haven't really updated my blog in months so I thought I'll make it a habit to blog regularly from now onwards! Since I 've no time when I get home from work everyday (got alot of tv shows to watch one, k?), the best time is to blog during lunch at work, when there's hardly anyone in the office PLUS no one can catch me in the act!!! Hehehe!!!
Tonight I very suay, gotta work OT to clear the old office opposite mine now cos upstairs no more space for those RMs liao so they've to move down.
Yeah, they move down but all of Ops staff gotta clear the old office for them!?!?! WTH?!!?!? My name not Maria, ok? So what if they pay OT? Only $8 per hour, not even enough for me to eat at Pasta de Waraku!
The old office is 1 big mess...went in it before...madness in there! I think it's as messy as 姐姐's room lor!
haiz...since the bosses say it's flexible & can leave anytime you like, think I'll only stay til 8pm the latest lor! I wanna go home watch my 9pm show on ch55 one hor!
Going off now...time to start work again! Til next time, ciao!
wany ♥ 1:10 pm
Wednesday, 22 August 2007
In case you miss me.....

I am fine, eating well, having fun..

and i have a new wonderful boyfriend! ----> just kidding.

Wonderful best friend that i spend almost everyday with!!! =D


Eat eat eat eat eat until we super super fat!
I love Jasmine and she's the cutest, sweetest, loveliest person in the whole wide world~
She's so smart, quirky, witty and nice that she scares me.. and she'll scare u too!
teee heee heeee!
Till next time~!!

P.S// This post is written by Jasmine and may not be a true interpretation of the author's feelings.
wany ♥ 1:26 pm
moi new baby cousin!!! ^_________^
Say hello to moi new baby cousin!!!

Look!!! Isn't he a cutie?!?!?!

My baby boy cousin finally arrived on earth last Thursday, 16 August 2007 at approxiamately 2am in the morning!

But sadly, it's not a baby girl! I love baby girls! More stuff to buy for them also! Clothes, accesscories, shoes etc etc!

As all of you know, I don't really like kids. But please take note: I only don't like UGLY & NAUGHTY kids! Cute children can be in my list, as long as they pass my inspection of cuteness! Wahahahahaha~~~~~~
In case you all are wondering, aren't all kids cute anyway? Let me tell you this: Not ALL kids are cute ok? Got some very ugly children one! Don't believe me? I'll show you guys a photo of 1 of my cousin from my fahter's side 1 day & you all will see for yourself what's a truly ugly baby!

My new baby cousin is my mummy's youngest brother's child. At the ripe old age of 39, my uncle finally has his first child! So old can? I can imagine the kid gonna be very spoilt next time, since my uncle had him so late in life. Plus, he's probably gonna be the only child so even worse!
The baby shares the same Chinese zodiac year as his mummy, who's 36 this year! I think it's cool to share the same zodiac as your immediate family! So there are now 2 pigs in the family! *Oink* *Oink*

My mummy says people born in the year of the pig generally lead a very charmed life, so I gotta observe him more & see if it's true! Hehe!
The baby's so tiny and his skin's so soft and tender! I don't even dare to carry him, later I drop him how? Haha! Better play safe, when he's abit bigger then I carry him!

Isn't the hoodie adorable?
My pressie for the new baby!

Angel sleeping in progress...

Soooooo cute~~~~~~

wany ♥ 1:16 pm
Saturday, 7 July 2007
Updating in sooooooooooo looooooooong~~~
Hello! hello!
I know I haven't updated my blog in months, but today I'm in the mood! Feeling inspired to write a entry! ^_^
Alot has happened since my last entry in Feb, but anyhow, I'm through with some people who I used to think were my friends. Some fish sellers just dump their friends after making use of them & they've no more value to them & yet, accuse their friends of being fish sellers when they're guilty of the crime themselves. The irony of life, huh? ^_~
I admit, I felt very hurt at 1 point when this happened to me. I did all my best to help but yet, get this kinda result? Seriously, I'm starting to think it's damn difficult to find good friends in poly! Alot of those are just out to make use of ya! Now, I only think left a handful of poly mates can make it! Alot of sharks out there! Anyway, enough about these people! I'm moving on in my life, no point bitching about these people further!

1 random rambling: I wanna change my blogskin! I want a Blythe dolly skin! Why no nice Blythe skin out there huh? Saddening...
Ooooooh, my birthday is coming up soon! ^_^ If you need any ideas for me birthday pressie, can look to my wishlist on the left? *hint hint*
Alright, I think that's about all for today, I'll try to update again soon! Is anyone out there reading my blog, actually? Please shout out, my readers! heez...
wany ♥ 12:57 pm
Monday, 12 February 2007
SIP Over!!!
SIP is finally over!!!

After 16 gruelling weeks of complaining, complaining, and yet more complaining, SIP has finally ended! Wahoo~~~so damn happy it has all ended! Meaning my poly life is finished! It's onto the working life for me now!
My last day on Fri was rather uneventful, my supervisor wasn't there in the morning so I slacked around abit and chatted quite abit with my colleague. The whole dept only left us 2, others were on course or coming in the afternoon only. Hehe!
After lunchie, did abit of work only. Time flied by really quickly! Soon it was 6pm! I gave my dept a box of love letters & thank you card before I left, guess my supervisor was really happy with my gesture. She seem mighty pleased. ^_~
Generally, I must say it's been quite good working in this dept. Everyone treats me quite well & I can do all my tasks properly. So all in all, this SIP has been a pleasant experience. Though I can do w/o this measly pay of $440!
Now I can finally enjoy myself for afew weeks! Finally I can laze at home, slack & play me games! Sims, K sessions, shopping, here I come! ^_^
But right now, I gotta finish writing my SIP report! Gotta submit it earlier on 16 Feb instead of 19 Feb cos my LO is going back to Japan soon & she wants me to submit the report before she leaves. I got 800 words down le, about 200 more to go! Wish me luck, people!
Gotta go back to writing my report le! Til more next time then!
wany ♥ 1:04 am
Wednesday, 31 January 2007
7 days more to end of SIP!!!
7 more days til SIP ends!!!

Okie, the countdown is getting closer! Just 7 more days & I can finally finish this! Then that's it! The last hurdle in my poly life passed! Woohoo~~~^_^
So glad I can finally see the end of this! At first I thought it would take me FOREVER to survive this 4 months in DBS! But now, only left 7 days more & I'm home free! Haha!
I was at TM after work on Mon when I saw all these sec sch girls crowding the entire 4th floor, I didn't know what the hell was going on! Just that they were all blocking my way! Heez...
Then later Mummy told me Ella from S.H.E was there signing autographs. But I thought if it's just Ella, why are there GIRLS ONLY? Surely S.H.E has some male fans, no? I figured it out today when I read today's Life, seems like that 吳尊 from 飛輪海 was there as well! No wonder all girls down there that day lah!
Oh yeah, Ms Liu was telling me the other day that 花樣少年少女 would be showing on Ch U from 15 Feb onwards DAILY! However are they gonna do that?!?! Taiwan only up to ep 11 now only lor! If Ch U shows daily, in 3 weeks time, it'll be faster than Taiwan le lor! Then there's no more exclusivity!!! I dun want THAT to happen!!! Ugh...stupid Ch U! Why must they show it so soon?!?! >_< Humph!!!
wany ♥ 9:39 pm
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